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Rob Akers

Rob gained a PhD. in High Energy Physics from the University of Manchester in 1995 (based at CERN) and has worked for UKAEA ever since.

His early career was as a plasma modeller and experimentalist, working on the pioneering START Spherical Tokamak and then the EPSRC flagship tokamak MAST. 

Rob is now Department Manager and Programme Lead for Advanced Computing at UKAEA.

He is leading a rapidly growing team of experts into the exascale and AI era of supercomputing with a mission to “accelerate the delivery of commercial fusion energy by exploiting advances in data science and extreme-scale computing”.

Programmes managed by Rob and his group leaders include the £5M ExCALIBUR High Priority Fusion use case (project NEPTUNE), the Advanced Computing Programme within UKAEA’s EPSRC Fusion Grant (focusing upon low TRL research), a new collaboration with STFC to grow an Extreme-Scale Computing Centre to Advance Fusion Energy at Hartree Centre, Daresbury Laboratory, collaborations with the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge/Intel Open Exascale Lab and a new partnership with the University of Manchester focusing upon Fusion Digital Engineering