Richard Deakin

Keynote speaker

Richard Deakin, Director, Low Cost Nuclear Challenge UKRI

Richard led on the Government department’s workstreams on Commercialisation of Small Nuclear in the UK and the report of the Expert Finance Working Group on Small Reactors published 2018.


Robin Shirtcliffe

Robin Shirtcliffe, Rolls Royce

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes, Independent Site Inspector at EDF Energy (HPC)

Chartered Mechanical Engineer and specialist in Light Water Reactor technology, nuclear safety assessment and technical training. Currently in the role of Independent Site Inspector at the Hinkley Point C EPR nuclear new-build project, tasked with a range of assurance activities to ensure nuclear safety of the as-built plant.

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson, Queen’s University Belfast

Chris has worked on safety and security related projects for a range of organisations including various groups in the UK government, the European Commission, NASA, NATS and more.

Tim Parkes

Tim Parkes, Principal Nuclear Safety Inspector, Office for Nuclear Regulation

Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds, PWR 1 & 2 Assistant Chief Engineer - Electrical, Rolls Royce Submarines